Well it’s February 2019 and the weather is great. Shouldn’t get carried away as last year’s Beast from the East came with a hearty punch.
This year I plan to change the garden aspects as some parts I felt were wasted with last year’s glorious sunshine.

At the moment it’s a long bed that’s been left with Ransome strawberry plants and the odd bush. I intend to replant the flowers on the shaded far side and use the whole top space for veg.

First things first, clear the section.

With the lower section almost empty, it’s a great place to hold them till they can go in properly.

Hopefully, the weather continues for a few days till it can be completed.

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  1. thoughtsnlifeblog

    Wow thats a lot of work. Looks good. I did a tiny bit of weeding today and pruning, and sweeping. I dont take on massive projects like you, just keeping garden tidy is enuf for me. But feeling good with the tiny bit i have done

    1. Nigel

      It’s going to take time for me too. CFS is not fun. I did a bit more today but have to take breaks. Hopefully can finish tomorrow. Been great weather recently. Do you think spring is coming or we are to get more snow?

      1. thoughtsnlifeblog

        I hope there is no more snow. I would love for it to warm up. But it is the uk, really cant predict the weather..lol 🤔😆

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