Hi everyone, I took a little break over the past month with writing as I was getting ready for my family to move to me in the UK.

I haven’t been with my wife and 2 sons since last November. It has been tough apart. They have a school setup which I have seen and I am very happy with. I have been busy making their transition better. And part of that was to create a kitchen garden.

Its Time to Make a New Kitchen Garden!

When we were together in South Korea we grew various plants on our balcony. It’s such a valuable education for children. I remember my childhood with great memories with my grandfather who had a cold frame and a veg plot. And so it’s now my turn to give them the inspiring memories with their own garden in England.

More veg Please!

First I decreased the plants that were here by thinning out, splitting and carefully choosing places that give colour and feature throughout the year. At the moment the places weren’t used well.

I also removed some that gave it an early autumnal feel as some looked as though the summer was over.  This then creates much more space for the actual plot.  In theory, we should have enough for plenty of different vegetables to grow.  I will take a large rectangle of grass from the right and place along the fence as the sun doesn’t fall there.

Its Time to Make a New Kitchen Garden!

Gardens should be social and practical. For most its the biggest room you have, so why not make it so.


I also created a designated compost area (top right). I believe that when we cut plants down they should be recycled and not thrown in the bin as the energy from that plant would be lost.

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Welcome to my Jungle!

As you can see the grass and weeds are out of control and will ALL have to be removed. If I question doing this, I just think of my boys and I am back to it. It’s hard on the back and legs doing all this.

Its Time to Make a New Kitchen Garden!

There is a fair bit of space to use and should give us lots of food throughout the year. It’s also a great way to save money. The amount we spend on food would reduce when this gets running.

Another challenge is to find things to grow and harvest next spring.
Back to the digging!