Well, it’s almost the end of the growing season in the UK and it’s now time to work out what to set up for next year.

The kitchen garden has been created for only two months and it has just been expanded. I recently built a new stone wall retainer which meant I had the perfect chance to redesign the existing banking nearby to the existing veg plot.

And so now I have the dilemma of what and also how much should I grow for the family.
The way I see it we need the staple produce, but to produce them for all year would be impossible, so with that in mind, I should grow special crops.

This means also that I could get early crops considering how much more expensive the early crops are in the stores.

Home-grown veg is always so much better tasting, but special cash crops are the way to go.
I would initially choose courgettes, garlic, peas, beans, beetroot, chillies, spring onions for a start at least.


Garlic is something to do right now to get it ready for later next year. I have grown it before and I can say it was so much more flavourful compare to the stores.

I have radishes in the ground right now and I think it is time for the cold frames to be on at night.

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    1. Nigel

      Yeah but after studying the techniques of proper builders and having a go myself, it was worth the aches 🙂

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