It’s getting close to the time when the night temps are safe with not much chance of frosts. The garden is mostly protected but still can get them.

This year I’ve thought a bit about the protection from pests and anything that likes to eat the leaves. This mostly falls on the brassicas. I plan to create a kind of enclosure where cauliflowers, broccoli and sprouts can be left to grow without being eaten. It would be nice to just leave them to grow without having to inspect all leaves on a daily basis.

Some previous invaders
Holes have been a way of life in past years.

Time to Take Charge!

I want to create a cage using simple bamboo canes with netting over the top. It’s simple to make and should stand up to the weather.

One side rests on the recycled iron gates with the other side supported via a 2-caned pole clamping onto the top bar.

I’ve noticed my amount of netting will not cover this well so it’s time for a bit of shopping.

previous attempts haven shown much effort

Hopefully, if I ever need to expand the cage then I should in theory just be able to move the bar.

How Have You Done?

If you have any tips on successful projects you have dome then let me know.

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