At what seems like half the garden is pretty well full with many changes from the initial layout and there’s basically due to unknown timing, weather and crop success.

Timing is mostly down to knowing the crops time span. Knowing how long they take comes down to experience. I have experience in the garden with many many years but putting all that down into a schedule I made it a little harder.

Weather played a huge curveball back in early spring which meant the UK was on a long cold snap. This roughly pushed us out up to a month in places. I did try to cover the soil with plastic to heat it up but sadly the temperature was just too cold.

Quality Please

Crop success for me comes down to soil conditions and preparation. The preparation was fairly well taken care of but as for quality that was lacking. The soil is silty with clay. It can hold too much water in winter and be too dry and dusty in the summer.
I have added compost as well as deep digging in old vegetation to add more humus to the soil.


One thing that is significantly different this year is the quality in the leaves and that is down to adding eggshells to the soil. What this does is add extra calcium to the soil and therefore get taken up by the plants which then creates a stronger healthier cell structure within them to soak in the sunshine.

There’s just one problem…

And that is the lack of carrots. It’s strange as everything else is performing except them. I really don’t know why as I have tried 2 packs of seed in different locations; covered and outside.

But hey, one day I will crack it!

And so wrapping it up barring my impatience of the plants and wanting instant crops the garden is doing incredibly well and long may continue.