I’ve taken to the challenge of getting a few lettuces going in the first week of October. It’s late I know but I am not expecting full-sized produce.

Ive grown these before and they did well

I’ve chosen a lettuce variety that should be more resistant to the colder seasons. In theory, placing them in containers and up out of the way of slugs and bugs should give me a better chance too.

The weather hasn’t completely turned as the soil is still warm and germination can still happen. When that germination point happens then further growth can last even with a few colder nights in next month. And by that point, I would use covers on them.

I would say that over the past few years I have moved away from the traditional garden shutdown through winter and tried to keep production going in some way. One that is due to be planted soon is garlic, which should go in and establish before the frosts.

Let me know what veg you try to nurture through the winter.

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  1. I think with global warming and seasons being all over ghe place, no harm in trying to grow out of season.

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