Garlic has one of the longest periods for growing veg. And apart from a little bit of maintenance in checking they’re OK, they can simply keep on doing what they do best.

They need to be planted and get settled before the frost hits. The bonus with October is that the soil has still got some warmth to help with the process.


There are different types available and I don’t usually stick with one favourite, but change to whatever fits at the time. Next years garlic will be a traditional white garlic called Picardy Wight.

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Previous results

I have previously planted shop-garlic and to be honest, was pretty much a letdown.

This year’s crops were 50/50. I decided to go traditional white and a purple variety. All year long the purple variety didn’t look as well as the whites. I never recorded what the names were.

yellowish leaves (left) were the purple variety.

It could be my soil, I can’t say but it was just a test and so this year back to just traditional.

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  1. I love garlic, but I have not grown it in a while. Good luck with this year’s crop.

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