Growing up in my kitchen garden were some french beans. They were taking their time due to the cold weather, but all that stopped when they poked their heads up and some eagerly impulsive neighbours ate them.

I am talking about some pesky birds who saw an easy lunch or breakfast. This hasn’t happened to me before as my main war has been with slugs.

That I fixed with a complete redo of the garden disposing of their hiding spots as I went along. I also used slug pellets which killed a lot. It had reduced to barely any as time went on.

And so now is take-two and with bird prevention. I will make another attempt with them undercover and hopefully with the warmer weather I might not lose much time.

I can’t be too hard on them as hearing their chorus makes being outside so much better.

Also this evening I just watched 2 blackbirds scour the lawn for bugs, so they have their uses.

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