Here’s some photos I took of the established vegetables around the garden.

The plum tree is kicking in well. It came as a dry root plant which makes this a great start. Strawberries below are now in bud. I should cut the flowers off to make stronger plants but I don’t think the kids would appreciate that.


The previously attacked dwarf beans are doing well. Luckily I had enough.


Shop garlic is still going strong. I have no idea when its ready. It started in late October.


Lettuce has moved out of the cold frame and doing well.


French beans are starting to put a spurt on. Will need support soon.


Peas are slow but stable. I guess I should get some feed.

It’s a slow but healthy response from the garden. I should keep an eye on them from pests.

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    1. Hi ya. Yeah I hope so 🙂 I am calling this year my practice plan. Later I intend to upscale the garden. Maybe some time away though

      1. Yes good to start small then you can learn. You are brave i have only done little experiments with vegetable patches

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