In my kitchen garden I have a few surprises and those surprises arent from vegetables but flowers.
They are flowers that came from plants around the garden and have chosen to grow in the much richer soil.

Calendula is one plant that has self seeded almost everywhere. I dont have a problem with that. In fact I have moved some and created sections which look great together. Above as you can see they have popped up right in the middle of the peas.

Heres another really healthy looking poppy right next to some spring onions. The spring onions I have cut back low and chopped and bagged them for the freezer.

Their colour looks so much healthier than that from the supermarkets. Theyre also a lot stronger too.

The photo above and below also are popping up in between the peas. Above is an opium poppy. This is one of 3 plants this year. These havent been seen for close to 15 years. The soil must be great right now.

Violas are also another which have layed dormant for a while. I havent seen these also for a very long time.

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  1. Your plants look really happy. It is hard to beat homegrown vegetables.

    1. Oh yeah. And despite the supermarket push for perfect veg, it doesn’t matter what shape they’re in they all taste great

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