Tomatoes are one of those staple crops that any veggie gardener would want to grow. I’ve had many a year seeing my granddad growing them successfully. You think it might rub off… well not this year. I guess I can’t take all the blame as the weather has been so unpredictable.

I started them off inside in early spring. They were looking good with a few sets of leaves. In the springtime, the weather improved quite a bit and so I moved them out into the cold frame.

That’s where the first calamity happened

One day, while I was out the cold frame, hadn’t been opened so all the tomatoes and chillies were baked within an inch of their young lives.

This delayed them considerably, to almost being a waste of time continuing and my efforts should have been directed to either sowing again or purchasing online. The latter I think is what I will do next year.

The problem that came next was the waiting for a new fence to be built. I knew it would be happening but as to when I was not sure. Planting them before this, only to be stampeded by not so acrobatic and nimble workers was asking for trouble.

And wait we did…

Eventually, they were planted and the summers were nowhere to be seen. So after a turbulent and soggy summer, they managed a respectable size and had flowers across all plants.

And you would think that was enough to get them producing

Well no because of right now they are turning brown and showing really bad signs of mould.

I have a plan but it might be in vain

I have heard where I can apply milk with baking soda. I’ve done this today complete with tomato food, so I ain’t giving up just yet, but I don’t think it’s under my control.

The lesson from this was my early process that then became a waiting game was a disaster. As I mentioned I don’t plan to do early stuff again, but to buy small plants and grow them up ourselves.

Let me know if you’ve had any adventures in the garden this year. Here’s to next year 🙂

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