It may seem a little early for sowing, with night-time temperatures still cool, but I believe they should be OK. I protect with plastic sheeting for outdoor and a cold frame for more tender seeds.

It’s time to get growing!

So far I’ve grown spring onions, lettuce and spinach in the cold frame. They were sown in late February and the first week in April are now in the outside ground with 3 to 4 sets of leaves.
At night I will cover with plastic to be cautious. The spring onions are still in the cold frame. Apart from those peas and carrots went in mid-march and are coming up.

They’ve endured the weather so far so should be OK with the cooler temps.

I also have tomatoes and chillies, that are currently indoors. The trick with indoor sowing is to get them germinated and keep them reasonably dormant. Growing them bigger would make the transition to outside much harder.

The tomatoes and chillies were sown at the same time and now the tomatoes are well established. The chillies are starting to come through.

Last week I started on a few types of radishes, kale beetroot and courgettes.

A Word of Warning

The types I’ve chosen should be all quite hardy to any cool temps. Be careful though that the seeds you plant outside as weaker ones will get hit hard.
Even though there’s probably not that much time to gain the delay of last year was definitely felt.
Also, last year I grew two types of broad beans but no one liked them, so choose vegetables that you and your family like.

And how are you getting along?

Let me know how you are doing. Have you started sowing yet? And how are you protecting?

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