I have recently tried a couple of small projects in the garden. I intend at some point later to upscale and go full on kitchen garden.

I have been watching eagerly the progress of growing chillies. A problem I have is the less than appealing temperatures. I am testing and as for the future it leaves a few plants with a more concrete plan in needing more heat.

As for now I have made 2 test pots, one with just chillies and one with added egg shells.
I have heard before they can help to be good at repelling slugs and snails. I also wanted to test the power of nutrients from them too.


The picture shows a clear difference in height for the ones with. Granted there maybe other factors as well but right now its clear to me egg shells can work as a organic fertilizer.

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    1. I now wished I had kept previous ones. I must have thrown away so many. Do you garden?

      1. Yes i garden but no expert and i am vegeterian/vegan so i am not sure i would use egg shells. Currently my garden is a bit of a mess.

        1. Ah yes as a vegan you could not. Seaweed I heard is good too. Gardens should be unruly to a point. It is nature after all

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