A while ago I did have a greenhouse which did stand quite nicely at 12 foot long but then after a huge storm through the UK the entire thing was crushed to nothing which eventually stood surrounded with a lot of broken glass.

What I have here is a simple little cold frame that I am made from what used to be an old wallpaper paste table.

The table was in reasonably good condition and didn’t show any wear as it didn’t get used much. And so after thinking about how could I use the wood I decided to give it a new purpose along with some old plastic that I had from some previous packaging.

The size of the cold frame now is based on the actual size of one of the top boards and the sides of it were the old legs which meant that I kept a bit of the construction of the table intact.

Construction was reasonably easy I pre-drilled a lot of the holes to hopefully then not split the wood.

And so what we have now is a new cold frame ready to keep hold of the heat that we’re not really receiving as it’s been a really cold winter so far as we should be into spring by now.

So far my cold frame is filled with carrots, tomatoes, beetroot, courgette and lettuce which should in theory be my early crops that I am trying to get in as fast as possible.

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  1. sleepyfoxwrites

    I’ve been using clear plastic bins to cover my seedlings! Hope this mini greenhouse works out for you!

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