We all buy veg, but what if you could harvest your own?

Are you starting to get into growing vegetables this year then here are 10 tips to get that attempt more successful.

1. Sow in intervals

Growing a mass crop of carrots will leave you with too much but growing in smaller monthly stints will help.

2. Grow what you eat

Granted growing special crops can be fun but if you don’t eat then regularly you may end up with too much.

3. Think of how much you eat

Again another quantity point. Consider which are the staple foods you buy regularly in the supermarket.

4. Prepare the soil

It isn’t a case of putting seed in neat drill and 2 months later there’s perfect crops because the soil has to be good first. Compost and manure will help.

5. Have reserve seed for emergencies

Sometimes in gardening plants die and also seed doesn’t start. In time of emergency holding on to some seeds will help later.

6. Think of how much space is needed

Some crops such as cabbage and potato need much more space compared to lettuce so be aware of how much.

7. Let there be no waste

Recycle all your cut down materials if you can as this will help your soil later.

8. Be aware of conditions with sun, shade

Some crops such as tomatoes and corn need a lot of sun. Look at your land to find how the sun moves and where are the best places.

9. Be also aware of temperatures

Plan for the weather and the seasons in your area. Also, don’t start too early if you can get late frosts.

10. Get the right tools

When digging and preparing the soil we need certain tools that we don’t need when later caring and harvesting, but all are valuable.

And make sure you plan!

If you are still in need of help then research on how to grow your crops properly and make a plan of your space. For myself, I have been making a plan for most of the winter and after 3 months I can say the crops are in the right places to do well. Timing is a difficult thing in growing veg.

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