I have a bit of a dilemma.

I have recycled some old iron gates as a thin fence between the lawn where the kids play and the kitchen garden.
The idea was to add some height and structure to the garden, but now they look a little unfriendly.

To the far right, I have honeysuckle trained against the fence so I don’t want to use again as I want some variety.
I initially thought of clematis and they could be trained but I am not sure of good varieties.

If there are other plants that you know of then that would be good too.

Advice, please

My call for your help is what plants should I use to screen off and grow through?
Any advice would be so helpful. It does get a lot of sun so no problem there and it won’t dry out too much.

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  1. Formerly Cots

    They look really smart! Nice work. Could you train small fruit trees on them?
    Something that loves the sun like a peach tree? The rungs would be perfect to tie the branches onto. I think the word is “espalier”…

    1. Nigel

      Thanks I like the idea of that.

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