While gardening, we don’t expect our tools to break or seize up. We can help in preventing problems by servicing regularly.

First things first – I took it to peices.

I spent some time cleaning all parts. Most importantly was the blades and bottom plate. These parts had been used well and had become worn. The edges needed grinding to bring back the sharpness as well as leveling them out.

The parts looked good – not new but better than before. The next part was to put it back together. The important part here was to grease and metal contact. Metal on metal will create friction and wear and therefore degrade much faster.
Decreasing the chain and applying new grease helped the movement well.

Garden Tools
Final product – and back working as good as new(ish)

And there we have it, a happy mower. The blades are not perfect, but the cutting has improved significantly. If you find it chopping the grass poorly or not cutting on the first cuts, then it needs to be looked at.
Don’t forget its not just the plants that need care, your garden tools need it too.

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