This cold frame was a project I had to get started fast as the temps are a little unpredictable as yet. March can look like spring one day and then tomorrow could easily snow.

I’m testing it out and seeing if I can get the giant spring onions sped up. When they’re ready I will cut the tops and let the plant regrow. I’ve done this with the regular varieties and it worked very well.

So the frame sadly got the brunt of the winter with no cover. For most of last year, the frame was covered and so protected, but eventually, the plastic broke down and eventually became many pieces.

Its been around a while now, going back to April 2018

This time I nailed it on with the intent of pegging the plastic and easily replacing it when required.

I also ordered some waterproof tape to seal up between the pieces. I guess it needs a clean too.

The cold frame works so well if not too well as last year it scorched a few early tomatoes. Since I have a small kitchen garden the size of the cloche is workable. If I ever expand then this wouldn’t be enough.

So now it’s been recovered I’ve thrown in some radish and lettuce seeds early. Let’s hope its a good growing year for us all.

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