As the winter temps ease away and the warmer nights pick up it becomes easier to start the sowing of the first vegetable seeds. There really is no rush in getting them going but more from the gardener’s impatience in getting into the garden.

Looking back on previous years it does feel a bit later than normal to be hitting warmer days. I have seen plants grown from seeds already transplanted outside by now. But as I said there’s no rush.

And the proof of that was 23 April 2018

Recently I recovered the cold-frame with new plastic and over the past few weeks, there have been a few sample seeds sown with the intention of getting a few early crops.

A few crops last year kind of came through too much at once. so I intend I trying a few more sowings in succession.

Sowing Tips

I have a trick in knowing where some seeds are by placing the packet and taking photos.

Those packets were sown a few weeks back and now they are showing signs of growth.

In the photo, apart from the well-established spring onions, you can see spinach, spring onions, courgettes and beans.

Inside Sowing

Here are a few seeds started inside and doing really well. My only fear is they’re not hardy and putting them outside now might result in what happened last year to my tomatoes.

the scorching 2

To be honest, I don’t think that could happen again, but you never know.

So now it’s onward and caring for the new seedlings and hoping for some warmer temperatures.

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