The kitchen garden has gone from strength to strength and in cases of the cucumbers and courgettes slightly too well.

I’ve missed quite a while on my blog as I’ve started work as a web developer which has taken most if not all of my time. I have felt guilty of not creating any posts. The good thing though is the photos were still being taken.

The veg have surpassed everything I planned. It has truly been eye-opening that planning early in the year did work very well to control them still.

Somethings though didn’t go too well. Pak choi were the first casualties. Bolting was their downfall. The chillies took an eternity to get going along with the tomatoes. Right now in the first week in September myself and the kids are picking regularly. A bit of a delay but we got there.

The corn is a concern in that there are cobs but the temps in the UK have fallen so we can only hope.

It wouldn’t be a kitchen garden if there was no evidence of the kitchen.

One difference in comparison to supermarket food apart from the flavour is the look. The shape and size are in most times a bit smaller. But the fact that we had grown it throws any irregularities out of the window.

I hope my next post isn’t another month.

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