Time to clean up

It’s the time of year when we eke out as much time as we can. All of a sudden, the endless summer days seem a long distant memory. Days are now rare and that gets even less if you want a dry day.

I guess it’s not really a case of keeping hold of summer growing but to embrace veg growing for winter. The average day temperatures aren’t that low. It’s still in the mid-teens. I’ve started 3 tubs of lettuce and they have germinated since last week. They are a winter variety and can handle colder temps.

My main concern is drainage. The rain is no exaggeration in how much. The soil is quite clay-based and sticky. When it’s wet it’s impossible to work with. Maybe this is my call to action for next year. I have to incorporate nutrition so why not drainage with composted plant materials.

Weathered cucumber plants

I’ve just been picking some cucumbers today and still taste so sweet. The plants, however, look a little worse for wear. I wouldn’t expect mu more from them.

Cucumbers with spring onions far left, now harvested

Monster broccoli still growing

I keep saying this but this was a mistake. Last year I grew calabrese which, from seed, gave nice looking veg in the same year. The purple sprouting broccoli is still going and will probably be ready in spring next year.

If these get any taller I’ll need a ladder

Chillies to get cloched

My homemade cloche needs a new cover.

I have some plastic that’s getting on a bit now. It is close to 2 years old. If you look back at the first winter here in my kitchen garden you will see it being used.

Time for a bit of moving

It’s probably not the best thing to do, but considering it’s the end of October I thought he why not. It’s more of a consolidation effort than just tidying up. I don’t have that much space so moving them into the sunniest position in the veg garden gives me space to plant the garlic for one thing.

Courgettes, pak choi and cabbages on the move

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  1. thoughtsnlifeblog

    I keep meaning step out and tidy up in my garden. But the rain keeps stopping me. Your garden and veggies look good in octocber/ nov

    1. Nigel

      Thanks. I know the negative temperatures are not to far away. Tbh it doesnt feel that cold right now

    2. Nigel

      I spoke too soon as last night we had a frosty night.

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