Well, its been another mixed month. The temperature has been reasonably constant, but just a bit too much rain. We even had a surprise guest for the August review.

a little frog

I’ve tried a couple of late crops. Not too sure how well they will fare with the cooling summer. I did have some Chinese cabbage growing early in the season, but with bolting and slugs, they were wiped out. Now though they do look healthier but the slugs are moving in.

sown chinese cabbages
chinese cabbages

One thing I learned was the Korean Gaennip leaves were in the wrong place. They were too shaded and now are doing better in their new places. Previously their leaves were small and almost rotten.

korean gaennip

Courgettes are Invading!

Their size was huge. It’s not the plant’s fault but mine for planting in the wrong place. I have pruned out all the undergrowth and any overlapping leaves. As you can clearly see the flowers are now visible to be pollinated… when there’s sun, though.

In Times of Trouble…

If you are like me and in need of new seeds for spaces then here are a couple of sites I use.

Wheres the Broccoli?

The broccoli has grown huge too, but as yet there are no heads. These are new varieties and so possibly will be winter/spring crops.

Growing brocolli

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