Summer is most definitely here, and by that, I mean heavy rain. The dry spell previously was a bit too much for some plants. I guess this means a few changes for next year.

As it stands, the veg are progressing slowly. And as I said with a few trouble-makers.

Result: A little damage, but nothing in context to previous years

Bring on the Beer!

I always as many people will know have situations with slugs. I’ve tried a few tricks in the past but this year has been the best success with… beer! The only problem is that to get to the beer the slugs do in fact have to travel past the plants, which might seem too tempting.

These lettuces have gone unscathed

A New Cool Idea!

I have used a new technique I haven’t applied before in layering and protecting the base of corn plants. I saw it somewhere that they prefer cooler roots with hotter tops.

A couple of positive notes

Tomatoes are early this year, all be it one plant
A new one for me to grow and they’re doing well
Had to include this as it was doing so well next to my compost heap
One casualty of the dryness. They all bolted! – Game over for the Chinese Cabbages
My Korean Gaennip is doing well so far

So as things go it’s quite productive with the greens already feeding us. The courgette explosion is just a few weeks away.

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