Well as things go in the kitchen garden somethings have done well and some have exceeded. The size of these two beetroot blows away anything I’ve grown before.
I do have one concern and that would be the taste.

They might be OK but usually the small ones have more taste, so there’s only one way to find out.

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  1. Goodness me! My brother grew some enormous pumpkins and marrows on his allotment.was it due to the extra sunshine this year?

    1. It must have been. I had started the year with a few bags of compost but nothing special. We’ve had so many courgettes its been difficult to cook them in something fun

  2. Wow. You are doing well. You have to let us if they where taste

    1. Yep will do update. I have a range of sizes so I can test them

    2. Well after sampling the huge beets I have to say not too different. They were a little firmer than smaller ones due to cooking such a beast. If I hadn’t known it was them I would never have guessed.

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