The food this year has been mixed. On one hand, some things totally blew me away and on the other, some just didn’t work.

It’s hard to ignore the difference in weather as last year spoilt us immensely. For me, I had more than 3 months of dry sunny weather with the odd day of heavy rain. I invested that time in a water butt. That I can say has been a great investment, not least with the comfrey plant that I use to fertilize the water.

Adding chopped up comfrey leaves occasionally adds a rather pungent smell over a few months.

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It would be hard to monetize the whole garden, but after averaging how long they were/are producing against the value of premium/organic food in a supermarket, then I would say we’ve saved easily over 250 pounds.

We do eat quite healthy foods as with a Korean wife it means there’s a pride in feeding us heart-healthy meals (apart from the spicy noodles). I have to say that my health improved greatly while I lived over in Korea.

Some crops are still going and hopefully, there’s another month left.

The corn was a disaster at the start as I lost a fair few infant plants. There wasn’t really enough time to get them going again. They’ve been giving us some cobs over the last month or so. There’s a few more to go too.

Hit and miss fertilization

The courgettes are the same as last year going mental and producing so many. I made the conscious effort to pick small. Last year the largest got close to 2 feet long.
The same I do for the cucumbers. You should always pick when small as they can get bitter and tasteless the bigger they get.

Space-saving tip!

One thing I did this year was not let them run rampant along the ground but up some trellis.

Onions is a first for me, which is strange, as we’ve bought them so many times before. They were a mix of great looking wide and flat shaped as well as some mini ones. I truly can’t complain about their efforts. The garlic was mixed with two different crops performing average and impressively. The better croppers were white and would rival premium-sized crops.

Chillies are battling on and growing but are too late in the season to turn red outside. I hope I can harvest over the next few weeks before the weather cools off. The frame isn’t really doing anything, it had to go somewhere.

They’re getting there… honest

Another crop that has yet to come to fruition is the broccoli. There are purple and green varieties that are looking like they’re not far off producing.

When will this broccoli beast produce?

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  1. thoughtsnlifeblog

    Your garden is so beautiful, and all that you grow is amazing. It is lovely your wife cooks fresh veggies. I can imagine the health benefits and cost savings.

    1. Nigel

      Thanks very much 🙂

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