Its another predominantly green veggie garden this summer. Its held out well so far with the occasional rain that’s not been that efficient.

First off I have a pea thief, or I should say two. My youngest boy and his grandma are the main culprits.

This has made me think for next year and the ability to just pick at random from the garden. The novelty of food from nature never goes away. So now I will have a think of instant eating of food in the garden.
If you have any ideas on foods to grab and eat int he garden please leave a message below.

Its Time to Pick Garlic

When your garlic looks like mine it doesn’t mean it’s ill but more like its getting ready. I’ve started lifting some purely for early garlic. I hope we can use the space to store them for a while. If the tops go too quickly then I will pull them all up.

I never thought I’d be producing garlic this good. The small is so much nicer.

There have been some quick crops so far

This is an example of growing something that not everybody is keen on. I think its time to reclaim the land and get some salad crops in.

But there have been a few delays as well

Courgettes (above) and cucumbers (below) are now growing after the first batch been eaten completely by slugs.

Finally, the new fence is up!

It left me with a hefty delay with all other plants healthily growing through summer.

Eight Chilli plants which in any other gardeners garden would probably be flowering or better.

The tomatoes have strengthened up. I started these early indoors back in March, but after bringing them out they got hit with sunburn and delayed them to the point I thought I’d lost them all

It’s been a tough time growing plants on time to then have to wait to put them in. I’ve lost so many corn plants. Only 4 left now.

So it’s all go now, at least for the plants anyway.

If you have any great ideas for foods to eat straight in the garden let me know below. Cheers and happy gardening!

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