Here’s an update from my kitchen garden for May 2018
The weather has improved well if not too well. I have seeds of various crops started early in the cold frame from last month.
Recently the two bag system is working really well. The first bag I created held just lettuce. These have since been transplanted out in the main garden.
The second bag I made (currently on the right) has spinach which is doing well.
Bag 3 (on the left) has chillies and brassicas. Corn has made it onto the top shelf.

Many take their time in germinating especially tomatoes. I am just not patient enough as I check and potter around the place daily.

The beans live!
My previously attacked dwarf beans have survived and live on.


Finally the soil is warm enough
It has now reached time to sow outdoors. Beets, carrots, peas, spring onions, parsnips and sprouts have all gone in. Some will have a split sowing with monthly sowings to create a better and longer harvesting period.
Also the potatoes have gone in. I have two crops. Charlotte and shop grown. Now this is more for my curiosity in how much better will proper seed varieties will do. Watch this space!

In Review
So at this point of a severely backend start to the year with the Beast from the East, I think I can say it has been especially productive.
Right now this is helping with my chronic fatigue in that I have practical jobs  to help keep me active. I have to say I feel so much better getting out. It still seems strange to say that chronic fatigue can be helped by reducing resting.
I must remember that this is a small scale project. I would love to increase drastically my garden size and cold frame capabilities.

That’s for another year. This year is about taking my plan and schedule to produce food for us to eat.

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  1. Be careful with using shop bought potatoes instead of seed potatoes. They might bring blight into your garden, if that happens you won’t be able to grow them ever again!!

    1. Ah really! I didn’t think there would be any disease. How would I know if there was?

      1. You won’t know until the potato plants turn black and wilt. Sorry

        1. I think I will research the chance. Its not a loss to remove them as I could grow something else there. Cheers 🙂

  2. Looks brilliant Nigel. Your soil looks lovely too. I’m like you. I like to go check on seedlings every day, just to see if they’ve grown a little bit more. It’s really satisfying to watch the process of life. Anita

    1. Hi ya Anita, its great to get out there 🙂 My soil is getting better but does stay soggy due to clay and then too dry in the sun.

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