Autumn is here and with it comes some amazing colours but its just a shame the temperatures drop.

Trying to control nature is what we attempt and in some ways we might be a bit sucessful in putting off the stark contrast of winter.
Isnt it better to just embrace the reds and oranges?


Mildew is something that seems to ignore the rules. It happens not because of rain but because of dryness. The weakness of aging plants doesn’t help too.


The veggies have definitely slowed down in production. Some such as tomatoes and corn are a little worrying in how much more will grow before frosts come.

Winter bound
Then theres the other side in parsnips and sprouts which are not even ready yet.


September looked initally like a soggy month but finished not too bad. Were harvesting well and hopefully another reasonable month is on the books.

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  1. I really love the way you have arranged your garden, and veggie garden it so beautiful. You really have a passion for it. I wanted to do some gardening today, but it is raining.

    1. Thanks very much 😊. The weathers turned nice again for us but yeah if it goes cold now then you really feel it

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