I’ve recently been sorting out the seeds for next years veg. As you can see below I’ve got a tendency to over organise things. These are leaf crops, root crops, brassicas, chillies, climbing crops etc.

I’m thinking of growing a few new plants this year. So far I’ve stuck with the classics and not too adventurous. A few veg seem not so interesting with the family such as carrots and beetroot.

The potatoes were good but for us there wasn’t enough. I would get more crops from the space that would be more beneficial for us.

I’m planning on celery, cucamelons, french dwarf beans and baby sweet corn. More to come later.

I also intend in getting creating bigger sections than previously. Some veg deserve more space due to being used up much quicker.

I’m kind of toying with introducing tayberries and new apple trees. Not sure yet.

On Review of the Garden

Well it’s been a little while since my last gardening activities. So far it’s holding up well in the cold and soggy winter.

The lawn I took to it with a rake that you would usually use on the soil. I find the hardness of it much better at scratching the matted surface and allowing a bit of ventilation to the grasses.

I will do this a few times throughout the winter in different directions.

I’m still picking veggies in these short days. Below you can see the first purple sprouting broccoli. It’s quite nice to eat raw. I’ve been known to eat a few sprigs off the plant while still in the garden.

Here’s a few strong and hardy lettuce still going all be it slowly.

These Lettuce were started a few months back but got forgotten, so since they’ve made it this far, I will leave them and see how they are later on.

Seed Companies

If you need some seeds then have a look at these companies. I use Suttons and Thompson and Morgan. All seeds have been fantastic. The packaging they came in was strong and secure.

These are sponsored link and I will make a commission if you use them.

Everything helps keep my garden going.

Thanks and happy gardening!

Oh and Happy New Year to you all. Hope its a good year 🙂

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  1. sallyball8323

    This is inspirational ! The time is here for planning. Thanks for the reminder. 🤗

    1. Nigel

      Hi Sally, yeah I’m chomping at the bit to get started. Weather is so off right now in UK. Do you garden?

      1. sallyball8323

        Hi Nigel :
        Yes, I am an avid gardener here in Newfoundland, Canada. We are right at the edge of the North Atlantic, so my plants need to be somewhat salt

        Glad I found your blog. I feel inspired now. Weather has been off in NL too.
        We had a winter hurricane last month, but Spring is coming ! 🤗

        1. Nigel

          I guess you get a bit of snow. Must make your gardening quite cautious to the elements?

          1. sallyball8323

            Hi Nigel : I have large boulders protecting the plants from seaspray, and I water them a lot to remove the salt.
            Summers are pleasant here. The scenery is quite similar to Ireland. We live in a fishing village. 🤗

  2. thoughtsnlifeblog

    Oh I love your planning. Your garden looks good in winter too. If I need any seeds I’ll be sure to click on the link. But, I am not organised like you, and I have major issue one of our fences is about to fall down. It is hanging in there for now.

    1. Nigel

      I need to be organised. Sadly it’s not by pleasure with CFS. I had the fence trouble mid last year. It had been standing well for 30 years so can’t complain 🤣. Better to get it fixed before it falls. Good luck♥️

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