Wow, somehow it’s halfway through the year and yet it feels like we’ve just got going. I put that down to being insufferably impatient 🙂

The garden is looking and feeling full. It’s amazing how a garden can at one moment feel huge to the point of not having enough plants to fill it. The next moment it’s like someone has snook in and planted more without knowing.

COMFREY – Free Nutrients for Your Garden

The first image above is of my Comfrey or nit bone. It’s not supposed to be a self-seeding variety but there are some. I don’t know if you or anyone you know has experienced this but I guess its not 100% free of self-seeding. The second photo is of my new raised border that is edged with Strawberries. The plan is to let the stone wall to heat up the soil much quicker. Behind them, You can now see the comfrey all chopped up. This bed is to be used very shortly.
I have at the moment got corn, chillies, courgettes and tomatoes growing, but not in situ as a new fence is to be built right alongside them all. Once it’s done then its action time.

What Are Garlic Scapes?
You might well ask because I didn’t know. This was a new thing to me. I thought my garlic had bolted, which considering the little showers we’ve had frequently really didn’t make sense.

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My Korean wife showed them to her mum who is like a walking encyclopedia on what you can eat from the wild, says you cut the stalks off at the lowest point on the plant and then cut below the node at the top.

Black Radishes Anyone?

Heres one of those test subjects that happen purely because it was a packet on the cover of a gardening magazine. I can’t say I’m convinced. They did take longer than the normal red ones and going by the size of the leaves took a lot more nutrients out too.

So not to bad a start. Now is a case of staking and controlling the ever invasive garden that it is.
Happy Gardening!

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    Looks really good. You are right , it is a game of patience, but worth it..

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