It’s been just over a month since the last post. Back then we were basking in glorious pre-summer sun. Recently, it has been more of a norm with reasonable sun but still cool at times.

This has been a challenge to monitor as the garden gets going. The result of which has shown various areas with sparse seedlings.

It’s not a major crisis as the successful germinations will do for now. The last photo above is a new one for me. Its called Perilla (which I just google as I only knew it by the Korean name of 깻잎 (gaennip). Its an acquired taste, but since my wife is Korean I had to do a few plants. That also explains why I grow so many Chinese cabbages (she makes loads of amazing Kimchi).

I still haven’t put in the cucumbers or courgettes as yet. We are to have a new garden fence soon so I have to wait a few more weeks for them.

Making use of recycled plastic

A link to our garden sponsors

Don’t forget the netting!

The rest are looking quite established and happy in their positions. That cannot be said for the corn which got a scorching one day and haven’t looked that well since. That also included the chillies and tomatoes. More on their story another day.

The kids, however, are eagerly watching the strawberries. This has to be the best part about the garden as they now understand and appreciate that veg take time to grow, in comparison to the instant supermarkets.
I keep doing this but it won’t take over a month till the next post.

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  1. Candy Blackham

    Thanks for visiting me in The City Garden – no space for veg but plenty of challenges nevertheless. The Fortnight Garden is much easier!

    1. Nigel

      Thanks, I’m always impatient 😅. How is your garden doing?

      1. thoughtsnlifeblog

        My roses are beginning to bloom.. i need to do some gardening.

        1. Nigel

          The roses we have have a lot of greenfly, but on the flip side the ladybirds are having a great time

          1. thoughtsnlifeblog

            I havent checked for greenfly on my ones yet.

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