Every spring is time to get the veg started and this year is no exception. The soil is quite compacted and clay makes the soil trouble to work with.

Before I start, you can see a few broccoli plants I need to deal with.

I dug a deep trench (any further and I hit clay) to where I will add green and brown composted waste.

The composted vegetation from the last year is not completely ready, but my small space means it needs to be used.

The old plants from last autumn haven’t broken down completely, but will all go in the trenches.

With the buried composted branches makes the ground better to hold water.

After adding some fertilizer dressing and raking it over, its almost ready.

With the soil being so rough starting seed can only be done in seed trays. Considering self sufficiency is now more important for us all, we shoud make sure our ground is in good condition to work well for us this year.

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