And complete with some new surprises.

I guess they are not really surprises but what I should say is they are old relics which now resurfaced after about 8 to 10 years.

Tulips and anemones which had seemed long gone, but for some strange reason decided to start growing it again after such a long time. Maybe it was the great weather that we’ve had recently which is giving them a spirit of life.

The new hot weather has done wonders to the plants that were lacking for so long. All the plants now look brand new and have come from the nursery. They look so healthy and fresh. It makes a big change.

All Stations Go

Last Saturday was the first real warm day of the year. Feels quite sad saying that in April. What makes that even worse is the last time it felt that good was October.

And the great news is that 20 degrees should become a normal for a least a few days this week anyway. So now some seeds are in early and hopefully doing well.

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