It’s now August and the garden is looking good. It’s incredibly fresh and green. The days recently have had great temperatures for everything to grow away well. It’s a shame my chronic fatigue syndrome doesn’t like it that much.

There were plenty of peas harvested with decent sized pods. Considering the kids were eating a lot this had to be the best year ever for results. It was a shame though that they all came together. This is one crop that will need to be managed and sown at different times.

The tomatoes are late. They were started indoors in early spring. Then outside they got scorched too early by the sunshine. Now they’ve picked up and have some healthy looking foliage on them. Flowers are dotted around and soon will be a deluge of small red fruit.

It’s a battle with the broccoli this year. Cabbage white butterflies seem drawn to them even more than normal. I’ve netted them but they find a way through as I’ve seen little caterpillars munching away.

The carrots have been a success. Usually, I guess I’ve not been attentive to them. This year I’ve watered and fed regularly. Also, they have had a prime location in the ground not being heavy.

I have a plan with the courgettes this year. Last year they got way too big. If you look back through my photos from last year they got overly large to resemble marrows. It was the first time growing them so this year I aim to do thing a little different. I aim to pick them when only a few inches long. I see no gain in producing monsters again.

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  1. Wow the garden has done very well. Well done for all your efforts.

    1. Nigel Openshaw

      Thanks very much 😄. It’s an ongoing fight with bugs and things wanting to eat them as well

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