As its now mid-march (and also a bit unpredictable with lockdowns and all) I made a mad dash to get digging in 2 of the main beds.

Well for me this is year-three in the kitchen garden and as with most things, its full of trials and errors. Hopefully this year a little less so.

I can’t believe how it’s changed and developed. This year there’s hardly and sign oof winter degradation. Back in 2018, it looked different.

My major concern is timing and playing with the seasons.

Everywhere is quite dry and a little deceiving with sunshine about. The night time can still go below.

Eventually, after the broccoli has finished then the stage of putting the rotting vegetation in the ground will get started.

Until then, the rest of the beds are kind of ready. I’ve removed as many weeds as possible. The giant spring onions and normal onions got moved to better locations. They were only small so moving shouldn’t cause a problem.

The soil got compacted and was an absolute ton to try and dig up. Many breaks were the order today.

I’m not an advocate of the no-dig policy. I see how it works but working in just the top section of the soil as you add more compost etc doesn’t feel efficient. It will produce as your replacing your garden soil each year. I prefer to aerate the soil and add a lot of vegetation into all of it.

Stay safe everyone and don’t forget to get digging!

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    1. Nigel

      Hi, thanks. I wouldnt mind a bit more space 🙂 . Gardening at times feels limited, having to prioritise.

    1. Nigel

      Hi ya, its keeping my mind focused on the long term rather than watching the hysterical TV & media. Tough going isnt it

        1. Nigel

          Temps were great today in MCR. Tried to up my vitamin D levels

          1. thoughtsnlifeblog

            I try to step out and soak some sun, but cant face the garden

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