Check out these poor souls. They have been left out in the winter for about 4 months.

The garden got abandoned and nothing really happened. Seems odd to be saying that with spring knocking on the door. I thought back then what would I do in the winter and I guess you know too.

Next on the casualty front are the giant Asian spring onions. Will look at caring for the remaining ones to see if they can get going.

All in all the weather hasn’t been kind. The storms we’ve had have been awful. For me though there’s been no damage.

Here is my plum tree with many round fruit buds. Let’s hope this is the year to kick into production. It had a couple of years in growing. I’ve pruned it after learning a bit more on fruit trees and creating level branches, which are the ones to produce fruit.

I’ve applied that method to my old apple tree that got cut back hard last year. Now there are new shoots from which I shall see if I can apply the same thinking as the plum tree.

The garlic for this year is looking great. They went in late October and have some healthy shoots so far. They’re doing very well, although I might have overdone the eggshells.

Next is my new project. Last year I moved and pruned my lavender plants. I am an avid student in mindfulness and wellbeing and lavender is a great perfume to help with the calming. Right now there are signs it is coming back to life.

Now, what is a kitchen garden without chard? This stuff is as tough as they come. Probably should get some new ones sown this year.

The kale has been abandoned too. I moved them last year to a sunnier place but I think it was a step too late. They’ve seen better days.

unlike the kale, my sprouting broccoli is growing on as if it was mid-summer. I picked a couple so far. Taste amazing and stops the place looking empty if nothing else.

I’ve left the weeds to grow through the winter as any ground cover is a good cover. Bare soil just loses nutrients.

So not long to go before it’s all stations go in the garden. Let’s just hope there’s no beast from the east this year.

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  1. Miriam Hurdle

    Your garden looks great , Nigel. The rain must has helped also. We need more rain here.

    1. Nigel

      Hi Miriam, yeah no shortage of rain here😅. You had a mild dry winter?

      1. Miriam Hurdle

        Yes, we only had 5 days of rain, but it started raining yesterday and may last for a few days. 🙂

  2. Actually a lot has survived in your garden.

    Whilst half a fence and our gate are all hanging on for life. God knows when I will get the fixed.

    1. Nigel

      For sure I would have had broken fences as the posts were cracking up last summer. Don’t know if you remember it delayed my plants so much. Don’t take risks with fences. Stay safe♥️

      1. Oh yeah you said.

        I know I need it fixed, but with rain and other stuff going on it is a tad hard to sort right now. Hoping we get good weather soon and we can get it fixed.

        1. Nigel

          It’s warmer than previous years, but so many storms have made havoc. This has been a forgettable winter

          1. thoughtsnlifeblog

            In so many ways. There was concerns of Brexit food stock piling, but now we have something else to deal with !

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