April Sowing in the Garden

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As the winter temps ease away and the warmer nights pick up it becomes easier to start the sowing of the first vegetable seeds. There really is no rush in…

Kitchen Garden springtime video

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I don't makes videos in the garden, but the peaceful day felt quite pleasant. It was quiet with some glorious sunshine. The temperature at the moment is really nice. https://youtu.be/hIrE4H-fRgQ…

When Idealistic meets Reality

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Heres a quick post from me with a photo of my plum tree. What you will problably notice is the outlined image of my neighbours cherry tree. It is spring…

Spring is Definitely Here

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Hi everyone. This is my collection of photos around the garden of all the lovely and colourful new growth.

Spring has Sprung

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And complete with some new surprises. I guess they are not really surprises but what I should say is they are old relics which now resurfaced after about 8 to…