Veggie Photography

Here's a quickie showing some of my vegetables at the end of spring. I took a few photos mostly because of the detail of leaves, flowers and the lighting.Enjoy!

Kitchen Garden Photos

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Here are some photos I took of the established vegetables around the garden. The plum tree is kicking in well. It came as a dry root plant which makes this…

Spring has Sprung

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And complete with some new surprises. I guess they are not really surprises but what I should say is they are old relics which now resurfaced after about 8 to…

An Unknown Visitor

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Hi everyone. This is a short post with a query. A plant has grown up in my garden very quickly and I was wondering if anyone knew what it was.…

Gardening Day!

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Been out in the garden hacking away at the early spring flowers that have passed. The design was of a meadow border that had a few different flowers but now…