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After seeing how the virus has created panic and chaos to our lives, we are all depending on the NHS so much now. I needed their help and so here’s my grateful story with my time with them.

For just over 6 months, I’ve been having physiotherapy for my neck. The pain at times had been excruciating. I remember her asking me “on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad has it been?”

I instantly replied 10 with no hesitation.

My First Routine

And so, after being checked over and asked to perform actions to see how much I can move, she then gave me exercises to do. I had the following:

  • Lie down with towel under back.
  • Chin down move arms up and down.
  • Wrap arms and twist body.
  • Lie on side.
  • Arm in the air look at it.
  • And move back to twist back.

I have to say my thinking about the problem was all wrong. I thought it was neck posture. I am a web designer, so I spend a fair while sitting.

My main goal with her was easy upon the painkilling gel, which I have excessively too many tubes. I got to the point that I needed them with me 24/7.

Each time I visited her she would ask of my condition and how I’ve been. I would say she had a great bedside manner, as I’ve not been able to do the exercises every day for one reason or another.

More routines…

Each time I may adjust the exercises or get a few more to take away. However, put quite simply she has changed my life.

  • Start on hand and knees
  • Check hands under shoulders. Knees under hips. Elbows soft
  • Gently pull back of the head upwards (long neck position)
  • Gently relax shoulders
  • Movement – alternatively lift arms x8 each side. Keep elbow straight
  • Extend and point arm up. Bend torso stretching through the side

At 45, I was stuck with this condition forever. I’ve been with this for over 7 years now. Before I would wake up and wonder is it a good day or a bad day, but now I can forget about it and live more normal. Occasionally I feel pain, which could come from driving or playing with the family.

She says I should take up Pilates rather than yoga to deal with helping my movement.

Considering I only knew her for a few months, she has heavily influenced how my future life will be.

After a few months later…

This post was written a few months back but now after some time later I can evaluate my conditions.
So far I’ve only had problems after heavy coughing. This has been miraculous as only in extreme exertion has there been any discomfort.

I did get general back pain but the pain I used to get from my neck has all but disappeared.

Thank you to the NHS

We are the envy of the world to have this level of health care.

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